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Blogging about some relatable topics 🙂

Choosing the right career path

I feel like this is a question that many of us ask ourselves sooner or later. Usually, we start university thinking that the course we got into and we were interested in, would be the right career path and we are passionate and excited! Then, 2 months in, we realise...

Doing what is right or what makes you happy

This is probably the dilemma I face in my daily life to this day and it never goes away…..I see that everyone around me also does! We are all asking ourselves if she should just do what makes us happy, even if it’s not acceptable in our society or our parents are...

Irse a Europa? Puede ser la mejor opción?

Me imagino que habrá mucha gente leyendo mis comentarios o explorando mi página porque tienen la intención de irse a Europa! Yo sí conozco a muchos latinos que o tienen muchas ganas de irse o ya llevan mucho tiempo en Europa y no tienen intención de regresarse a sus...

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