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About CVs

The idea behind this site is to provide help and advice for students, recent graduates, young professionals, as well as experienced professionals who have been absent from the job hunting scene for some time now and need to get more up-to-date with today’s requirements for a successful and relevant CV.

My team and I are European, have studied and worked in many European countries, have applied for hundreds of jobs, scholarships, basically anything that one might need a CV for. Please read more in the “About me” section.

Personally, I came up with this idea because I have been working in recruitment for some time now and I have noticed how many people fail at they job applications because of the silliest of reasons, they either do not know how to structure it so it looks convincing, or they make little spelling or grammar mistakes, provide awkward details etc. which ultimately result in them losing the job. As someone working in recruitment, I promise you that any recruiter (especially for highly competitive jobs but as a general rule as well) spends not more than 5 seconds on the initial scan of the CV and only if something catches the eye do they read it thoroughly. So, a perfect CV is vital in order for one to pass through the initial screening and stand a good chance in the process. Back in the days I also used to look up any advice online, and there are dozens of articles on how to create the successful CV, however, I never found a website where one could get it spell-checked, tailored or even transformed completely so that it highlights the right aspects of the candidate, hence, I decided to make it happen and create this space for you to use wisely and make the best of your abilities and put them on paper!

My team and I are non-certified CV proof-readers, we have not taken courses in CV/cover letter writing etc., we base our judgement and knowledge on the years of experience we have had in applying, studying, working (especially in recruitment) and we believe we can offer informed and professional advice, however, it is still up to you whether and how much of it you want to take on.

Also, the part of the team in charge of translations and spellchecks, are native speakers in English/Bulgarian.

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