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CV creation, spellcheck,
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Standard CV proofreading
(up to 3 pages)

Checking the CV for grammar, spelling and writing mistakes

execution time : 2-3 business days

General CV creation (from scratch)

This service would definitely take more time because you have to give
us your “biography” and have at least an idea of what kind of CV you
want – where you plan to use it etc., so we can find the most
appropriate formatting and make the perfect CV for you.

execution time : 1 business week

CV creation /spellcheck/
proofreading for EU standard format

EU format is not as relevant for normal jobs anymore, but if you want
to apply for a position within the EU institutions, that would be the best
option. EU CV format tends to be too long though, so we would try to
cut it and make it precise and easier to read and follow

execution time : 3-5 business days

CV tailoring

This service provides you with a tailored CV, i.e. you send us the CV
and we tailor it according to what you need to use it for – either for a
specific role or for an area or just to have it tailored and ready to send

execution time : 2-3 business days

CV translation Bulgarian – English

If you have your CV in either English or Spanish (or Bulgarian for
Bulgarians), we will translate it into the other language.

execution time : 3-5 business days

General advice on anything related to applying for studies/jobs

If you are still in-between positions, not sure what to do next, not sure
where to stay, who to approach, we can provide general advice in email
format in either English or Spanish.
If you want this service, please add General advice to the title of your

execution time : 2 business days


When you choose the service you would like to use, please use the
name in the title when emailing us.
Please note that the different services will require different workaround
time. Prices vary as well, please send us an email to get a quote.
For more details, please consult the specific service tab.

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